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  • Your Prospect, Your Problem, and Your Promise

Your Prospect, Your Problem, and Your Promise

Understanding 3 Pillars of Your Business... With AI

Happy Thursday!

Itching for updates!?

Weve all been hard at work to deliver the brand-new Path Membership. Its been months in the making and its finally close to a public release.

Itll include an updated version of all 3 of my main courses plus the brand new AI course called Ascension.

Listen AI is going to take over.

Most people are not even remotely ready.

Im going to show you how to ascend into this new A(i)GE and run most of your business operations with our friendly neighborhood robots (at least until they turn on us).

Looks pretty cool, right!?

On top of that, theres a new section called Trailblazers where I will release 1-2 interviews per week from people who are crushing it.

地nd it wont just be a stupid podcast interview they are going to lay out their exact strategies for what they are doing and how they are doing it. Ill even capture it in notes and give you a step-by-step document to implement it on your own

OR youll see another new section for Path Pros a high-end job board of vetted individuals who can execute the strategies FOR you.

Pretty freakin cool, right!?

Anyways, itll be available for you next week so keep your eyes peeled.


This week, I spoke to 3 separate individuals who were struggling with one of the most important parts of a business: their offer.

The conversations all went slightly like this:

Hey man, I cant figure this out. Should I be running ads on Facebook?

For what, exactly?

My business.

Yeah, I figured but what are you doing?

Oh, well, Im doing a social media agency that sells dinosaur bones and I think Ill provide a massage service.

安ait, what? You dont just have one thing youre doing? Like if I just asked you what are you selling me what would you say?

Uh well I guess just pick one for me.

No, thats not how this works. What are you offering? To who? I give you money, what do I get in return?

Any of those things.

This all made for a very sad Steve.

So instead of trying to teach this over and over again, I thought Id just share a couple of simple (but powerful) ChatGPT prompts that will solve all of these issues for you.


Lets start by identifying who you want to work with. Below is the first prompt youll copy and paste into ChatGPT.

Youll have to replace the 2 brackets with what you have, and what you do.

I run an agency where I help people get leads on social media.

I have a store where I sell people cool t-shirts.

I run a gift shop that sells dinosaur bones.

ChatGPT will do MOST of the work for you here, but youve got to try a LITTLE:

I run [DESCRIBE YOUR OPPORTUNITY] where I help people to [OUTCOME]. List down 10 most likeliest prospects who will purchase such a service. 

Then, further narrow down this list into 20% of the people who will most likely drive 80% of the sales. List Top 3 most likely prospects, and describe their likely profession. 

After that, indicate the number one most likely and why you think so.


Now that we have some likely prospects, lets pick ONE and insert it into this next prompt identifying problems and fears they might have.

You can always paste this prompt in multiple times with different prospects/customer avatars if youd like.

The number one prospect for my business is [PROSPECT] What are the Top Ten biggest fears that keeps the number one prospect of my business up at night? To each of the fears, give context and explain why. After you explain that, tell me what you think is the Number One Biggest FEAR/PAIN that keeps them up at night, and why you think so.

Remember, ChatGPT is your friend and assistant not your boss. If it picks one and youd prefer something else just tell it!

Pretend youre having a conversation with a friend pretend youre texting ME.

Next, to narrow this down even more, lets use the next prompt:

Give me a short phrase to describe the Number One Biggest [FEAR/PAIN]. Use no more than 5 words.


Finally, lets identify the top outcomes this prospect would be most motivated to achieve.

I have decided that [FEAR/PAIN] is the main fear that my business will solve. 

List the Top Ten outcomes that the number one prospect of my business dreams about that they want to achieve. Describe the context, and emotions experienced. Be specific and give detailed examples for each. Then, of all the dream outcomes listed above and any others that you know, what do you think is the single biggest dream outcome? Also what will it enable them to do? Be vivid, specific and give any detailed examples if possible.

And again, lets simplify:

Prompt #2: 
Give me a short phrase to describe the Number One Biggest Outcome. Use no more than 5 words.


So now what?

Weve got a bunch of mumbo jumbo on the page what do we do with it?

This is where youll have to use some of that brain juice of yours. You should have gotten several ideas, a lot more clarity on your offer, the biggest pain points, and the most desired outcomes of the best prospect for your product or service.

These all combine to create a real offer.

I help X to achieve Y even if Z.

I help real estate developers find reliable electricians even when the market is crazy.

(Or something like that)

Im being vague on purpose here so you dont just look at my answers and say well thats what I should do.

I want you to explore.

I want you to get used to communicating with your new AI friends.

I want you to understand that these tools are far more powerful than anyone is giving them credit for currently.

The most valuable thing I can do for you today is to get you using ChatGPT (and others) daily to grow your business.

If you dont have ChatGPT open on a separate browser tab at all times, youre falling behind. Its no time to be left behind, its time to ASCEND!

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