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  • What did you learn this year? ... What did you RE-learn?

What did you learn this year? ... What did you RE-learn?

6 Quick (But Powerful) Lessons From 2023

Happy New Year!

I wanted to shoot over some of the most important lessons I learned (or re-learned) this year that could be directly beneficial to you on your path.

But before I do…

I’d like you to consider 3 big questions:

  1. What is something you learned in 2023?

  2. What is something you RE-learned in 2023?

  3. What is something you shouldn’t bring with you into 2024?

You shouldn’t go a single day without learning something… but what were some of the more valuable lessons of this year?

What will you implement? What will you use?

And what about things you knew already… but weren’t really utilizing?

What were those “oh yeeeaahh…” moments, where, you knew better but it slipped your mind or didn’t seem important until something triggered the thought?

Finally, what are the “don’t do’s” for 2024?

(Which are just as — if not more — important than your “to do’s”)

What behaviors, thoughts, feelings, or actions should you be leaving behind for the next 12 months that would improve your life or business?

Think on these questions as you read through my short list below…

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1. What’d You Learn?

Some of the best lessons came in the last couple weeks of the year.

  1. Great people don’t fix broken systems. Bad systems break great people.

    I was never able to clearly articulate this but our buddy Ryan Deiss recently released a book called ‘Get Scalable’ (I highly recommend it). And he nails several pieces of psychology leaders face when they are trying to scale up their companies.

  2. Replace the word algorithm with the word audience.

    I’ve been interviewing experts all year trying to understand the current state of social media and how to essentially start my brand from scratch (I wasn’t really “allowed” to have a personal brand working for Tony)… and the advice that’s out there is downright confusing…

    … but there’s one thing that stuck out: the algorithm is not out to get you… your content just isn’t anywhere as good as you think it is. I’ll be sure to stop saying “The algorithm didn’t like it”, and start saying “The audience didn’t like it.”

2. What did you RE-Learn?

  1. Excellence is simply doing ordinary things extraordinarily well.

    The best (and most profitable) businesses and marketers aren’t doing anything fancy… they just do the basics extremely well. Every time I try to get fancy, I make less money. Every time I go back to basics, I make more.

  2. Poor people get paid after the work is done. Rich people get paid before the work gets done.

    Coaching and consulting is always interesting. While it’s extremely valuable — there' isn’t a lot of leverage. Collecting what’s owed (especially on equity or commission deals) is very difficult regardless of the relationship.

    The reminder for myself (and possibly for you) is to get paid upfront… AND on the back end.

3. What Shouldn’t We Bring Into 2024?

  1. People pleasing.

    This is definitely a weakness of mine. And while it’s not an issue day-to-day, there are critical moments where it becomes one. Without a clear outcome and clear communication, it’s easy for me to default to “do the right thing.”

    But it’s not “doing the right thing” (most of the time) — it’s rooted in people pleasing to get people to like me. Can you relate? I intend to leave that in 2023.

  2. Overcomplication.

    Complexity is the enemy of execution. I’ve got 2 things I’m doing this year. The Path (group coaching), and consulting (one on one for 7 and 8-figure companies who need more focus). The offers are simple, the funnels are simple, the sales process is simple. The ads are simple. Perfection is not when there’s nothing left to add… but when there’s nothing left to take away.

That’s A Wrap

I’ve actually got 6 or 7 more for each of these categories but I’d be more interested in hearing yours.

Would you hit reply and let me know what yours are? I’m insanely curious.

Cheers and Happy New Year. Let’s make it an outstanding one!