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  • What Everyone Needs To Know About Exponential Business Growth

What Everyone Needs To Know About Exponential Business Growth

Five Considerations For Exponential Growth

December Updates

There’s so much to talk about… and my goofy ass hasn’t written a blog post here in months.

I’ve got a lot to share but how about I just cover the important stuff?

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That being said, let’s get into the training.

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1. What Separates Your Business

What makes your business YOUR business?

One word: control.

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Thanks for taking the time to read this - together let's make something amazing happen! Let me know what questions or comments you haveabsolute control over your products, your pricing, your offers, your promotions — do you have control over the who, what, why, when, where, and how of your business…?

…or are you beholden to someone else?

Here’s the harsh reality:

If you have ONE modality of business — you don’t have a business, you are running someone else’s business.

If you have an Amazon store and only sell on Amazon… you don’t have a business… you’re promoting a product for Amazon.

If you are a network marketing distributor… you don’t have a business… you are recruiting for an MLM (and probably getting taken advantage of while doing it).

This might sound harsh but it’s the truth.

The same is true for a franchise or a drop shipping business.

And trust me — I know. I owned a franchise.

At one point I was doing 6X what every other location was doing and they fought me tooth and nail to do it “their way” (which did FAR less money) because they wanted control.

You MUST have your own website, your own e-mail list, your own advertisements, your own pricing, and your own offers.

In this day and age — you cannot wait for permission to pivot when it comes to serving your customers.

2. The Resource Needed For Scale

Most businesses have significant overhead.

Which means on the first of the month, they need $X in sales before they profit.

More than that, they need $X in PROFIT from those sales in order to pay the bills.

Revenue does NOT equal cash in the bank.

It’s so easy to forget about customer acquisition costs, fulfillment costs, staffing, commissions, and so much more.

Anybody who thinks they have a 100% profit margin is kidding themselves. There is ALWAYS time, money, and energy associated to acquiring a customer — and all three of those end up costing DOLLARS.

A truly scaleable company is one where almost every transaction is profitable. And those that aren’t — are strategically created to generate profit later in the sales cycle.

3. How Much Can You Handle?

The biggest challenge with scaling a company rapidly is not your ability to SELL your product or service… it’s your ability to fulfill on your product or service.

We all need to ask, “Can I handle 1,000 new clients as easily as I can handle 1?”

If you have a coaching, consulting, or service-based business… the answer is probably NO.

If you have an eCommerce or retail business… the answer is probably NO.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t retool the business, the product, or the offer to have unlimited scalability.

Info products are a great example of practically unlimited scale. You can fulfill on 1 eBook just as easily as you can fulfill on 1 million eBooks.

Does it mean you’ll never have an exponential business if you can’t handle tens of thousands of clients at once? No. Absolutely not.

But it DOES mean you’re going to have to develop one of the most important parts of your business: logistics.

You’ll have to brainstorm every step in your process to see how you can create a scaleable model. If you sell supplements, can you partner with a supplier to fill an order? If you sell books, can you find an on-demand publisher?

Ask yourself the question “how can I handle 1,000 customers as easily as I can handle 1 customer?”

4. The New “Gig Economy”

There’s a concept I learned from Peter Diamandis when he presented “exponential organizations” and it was the idea of employees on demand.

One of the biggest challenges when scaling a business is that you need expertise — skilled labor — to accomplish certain tasks.

Whether it’s setting up a new sales funnel, automating follow-ups, running ads on a new platform, or whatever.

Sometimes you just need a body in a seat to do a thing. They don’t necessarily even need to be great — they just need to DO the thing.

But here’s the trap: we all tend to hire someone and keep them on long after they accomplish their task.

If you truly want a company that scales exponentially — you hire someone for tasks NOT for a role unless absolutely necessary.

Examples of brilliant implementations of this idea are Uber, AirBnB, Fiverr, and many more. They don’t pay anybody unless there is a task AND they receive payment.

5. What’s Old Is New Again

This can be an entire subject for another day but let me give you the broad strokes.

The marketing that worked in the early 1900s is the same marketing that works for today. Sure, the mediums have changed. The technology has changed. But there are still really only 3 ways to communicate: written word, spoken word, or visual.

When the economy tightens up and people don’t part with their money as easily — you’ll start to notice the gimmicks that people have been hawking for years no longer work.

Ad costs are going up.

Social media is getting more challenging.

You can’t just slap an ad up and get unlimited leads for cheap anymore.

You have to be intelligent. Strategic. Your copy has to be on point, persuasive, and touch on the pain points of your potential customers.

And the truth is — you’re probably not going to learn that from a copywriting course in 2023. You need to go back to the most challenging times in history to sell things: the great depression.

There were gladiators of sales copy in that time that sold billions (in today’s dollars) in an impossible environment.

Let’s not pretend a social media hipster of today can write better than the guy who had to physically mail a letter, get someone to read the damn thing, have them clip out a coupon, put money in an envelope, take it down to the post office, and then wait 8-10 weeks before they ever saw anything!

You know the saying, tough times make tough men. Tough men create good times. Good times create weak men. Weak men create tough times.

And so the cycle continues.

We’re in for tough times. You’ve got to “get good” … and the best way to do that is to learn from people who also had to “get good” during the tough times.

That’s A Wrap

I know it’s been a while since I’ve written you.

I won’t commit to a schedule.

But I WILL commit to sending you a bunch of stuff that will help with your business and life.

As much as possible.